Mr. OBAHOR (Mog)
Chief Technology Officer

Mog is an expert in the new technology space. He has a strong understanding of Robotics & Advanced Technologies solutions (Cognition, AI, Machine-to-Machine, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things) in several business industries. Mog has strong data science background and owns a software company “hordanso”. He has built or overseen the creation of more than 100 automated processes, saving customers millions annually while reducing errors, streamlining mission-critical processes, improving customer satisfaction, boosting employee morale, and adhering to regulatory compliance. An Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer by training (with emphasis in developing Simulation Software for practically any type of aircraft), Mog has been in the technology industry for over 18 years. He has worked with clients in the Aerospace and Mechanical Industry, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Government, and Interactive Marketing for Nonprofits, including fortune 500 companies such as NASA; Lockheed Martin; L-3 Communication; Google; Bell Helicopter; as well as smaller entities.
In his spare time, Mog enjoys reading, thinking of business ideas, mentoring young people, exercising, traveling, and learning new languages and new technologies in the area of mobile devices, simulations and market strategy. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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