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Minister and world chaplain, the evangelist Koffi Bessan is the founder of Newvipross. After having shared his vision several times, he then associated those interested in the Board of Directors. He has experience in teaching and managing businesses. Administrator of Newvipross, …Read more

Mr. F. P. Mahouna


Teacher, motivator and evangelist, Rev. Ferdinard Paul Mahouna, is the Vice-President of Newvipross, and proclaims in the whole world the message of the kingdom of God, of the indispensable impact of Christ on the communities and the ….Read more


Mr. Obahor (Mog)


Mog is an expert in the new technology space. He has a strong understanding of Robotics & Advanced Technologies solutions (Cognition, AI, Machine-to-Machine, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things) in …Read more

newvipross-celine botchi

Mrs. Celine Botchi


Director of Newvipross, Celine Botchi loves God and all his creatures. In previous years, she was chorister and Sunday School instructor. Maried and mother of two children, she sided with her husband to reach the world with …Read more