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newVIPross’ priority is Faithfulness, Discipline, Respect, Labor, and Accomplishment. When you give a helping hand via newvipross, you are globally saving lives, offering easy access to workshops, and promoting education and job skills. Giving a hand to support our programs is your right and your expectation is our pride.


newvipross - Life Together

In an era where global challenges seem insurmountable, the need for collective action has never been greater. “Healing the World Together” is more than a slogan—it’s a call to unite for a brighter future. At Newvipross, we promote healthcare and enhance the well-being of communities worldwide. Join us in this transformative journey.


We are assisting homeless, children and needy families in Dallas area . We also provide assistance to huge population in Africa (Benin Republic). This is humanitarian work and we would like to count you in as a part of our team and together we can save lives.